Getting It Done With Blender: Manipulating a Basic Shape to Get Something Else

Starting with a sphere, the goal is to cut it down to an “apple slice” or half hemisphere shape. The following was done to get the sphere to the hollow “apple slice” shape:

  • With the sphere selected, go into Edit Mode (or press [Tab])
  • Then hit the [B] key
  • Hold down and drag to select the vertices/faces of interest
  • Press the [Space] bar
  • Type “delete” in the text field and press the [Return] key
  • Select “vertices” or “faces” depending on how you are trying to go about it

That should do it. This is what I got after that workflow:


I then repeated the above workflow to get to a half hemisphere or “apple slice” shape. Next, the now hollow apple slice needed to be made solid. That was accomplished using the following workflow:

  • Switch to Quad View by clicking “View” on the bottom left menu bar, then selecting “Quad View”
  • Switch to Edit Mode just like in the previous workflow
  • Press the [B] key, then hold down on the mouse and drag to select just a small piece of the edge of interest.
  • On the bottom left menu bar, choose “Select”, then “Edge Ring”
  • Press the [F] key

I did this workflow twice for each “wall” I needed to get the “apple slice” to be solid:



About my setup:

Blender 2.77 on OS X El Capitan 10.11.6, using MacBook Pro Mid-2009 13-inch Core2-Duo 2.26 GHz hardware.