Getting It Done With Blender: Combining Objects to Form A New Object

In the previous post, a sphere was manipulated into an apple slice shape. Now, the desire is to combine the apple slice with a cylinder having a large width along the x and y-axis and shorter height in the z-axis.

  • First, using the workflow for removing vertices/faces from the previous post, remove the bottom face of the apple slice
  • Position the apple slice on top of the cylinder
  • In the Scene Viewer, hold down the [Shift] key and select the apple slice, then select the cylinder. Release the [Shift] key
  • Press [Ctrl] + [J] to combine the two objects into one

The resulting combination of the two objects formed the new desired object:



Blender 2.77 on OS X El Capitan 10.11.6, using MacBook Pro Mid-2009 13-inch Core2-Duo 2.26 GHz hardware.