My iPhone 4s: 10/14/2011 – 11/19/2016

It was one heck of a run, but it has finally come to an end. I bought an iPhone 7 yesterday. Once obtained from the Verizon store, I took it home and completed the easy transfer process to move data from the 4s to the 7. Today, I went into the General Settings on the 4s and hit reset. Once complete, I powered the device off for the last time. I bought the 4s the first day it was available in the U.S., October 14, 2011.


Good night and goodbye old friend :(.
But not to worry, you will soon be joined in electronic heaven by the original 2012 iPad mini (I do not desire another iPad) and more imminently the very machine I am typing on: a mid-2009 Core2-Duo MacBook Pro 13-inch. My late 2016 Macbook Pro 15-inch with Touch Bar is scheduled to arrive on December 2nd.