VSCode C++ Syntax Coloring Issues

VSCode is a wonderful open source editor by Microsoft and is my editor of choice on a Linux-based GUI system. After adding a cadre of its many available extensions from the marketplace, it can transform into a powerful Integrated Development Environment. I use VSCode in the professional environment and at home.

As is kind of mandatory for C and C++ development in VSCode, I have Microsoft’s C/C++ and C/C++ Themes extensions installed for my VSCode instance. However, I have always noticed that the syntax coloring in my header and implementation files was not consistent, exhibit A:

This and other offenses

From above, the ‘noexcept’ in the red box is not colored blue, but it should be. I put up with this and other syntax coloring irregularities for the longest time until tons of Internet searches about a week ago lead me to install an additional extension simply called Syntax Highlighter:

Likely source of problem in first box, the fix in the second box.

After installing Mr. Peshkov’s extension I found the syntax coloring in VSCode to be more consistent and our ‘noexcept’ from earlier is now matches the others: