Black America through the Stats of the CDC

So a few weeks ago the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a new set of findings. A subset of those findings pertain to black people in the USA. Like most folks I did not have time to comb through all of the relevant statistics and factoids, but other sleuths did the work and even discussed their findings in video form. Two individuals I would like to tip my hat to are Youtube’s Medium Man (MM) and Sargeant Williepete (SWP). I will single out the three relevant videos from SWP’s channel:

For Medium Man, have a look any of his videos.

From everything I listened to between SWP and MM, I will summarize some of the main points here:

  • 61% of black women are mothers.
  • 46% of black men are fathers.
  • 59% of the 61% of black mothers have multiple fathers for their children.
  • 32% of the 46% of black fathers have children with more than one woman.
  • 54% of black men will never have children 🤯.
  • 42% of black women have had their first child by age 20.
  • 15% of black men have had their first child by age 20.
  • 56% of American women have at least one child by age 20.
  • When you remove the Hispanic female immigrants who arrive in the USA with children in tow, the percentage of childless Hispanic women goes from 37% to 49%.

Medium Man covers the stats in bits and pieces over several of his videos bundled in with other subjects, but SWP does better by having dedicated videos that are easy to reference.