Entering a New Era with the M3 Macbook Pro

It was that time again. The 2016 16-inch Macbook Pro with TouchBar (1st -gen TouchBar, Intel chip) I owned was long in the tooth. It had stopped receiving OS updates from Apple over 2 years ago, only receiving security patches. Picking up the torch as my “life stuff” computing device is a new 2024 14-inch MacBook Pro with the Apple M3 Pro chip, 18GB of unified memory, 1TB of storage, running macOS Sonoma 14.5.

From Old to New: Migration Assistant over the home network.

I originally tried to transfer my old data to the new MacBook via the TimeMachine restore capability with an external hard drive, but sometime into the operation the process appeared to had become frozen, stuck, unresponsive, or just not working. I interrupted the process by holding down the power button until the new MacBook turned off. Unfortunately this caused another issue that resulted in the re-installation of the entire OS onto the M3 machine, about an hour and ten minutes of waiting. Luckily, Apple has that capability built in and all the user needs to do is connect to the internet. Once the OS re-install completed, I used the Migration Assistant to perform the data transfer from the older machine to the newer machine. That process completed in about an hour with no issues and from there I breezed through the setup process.

All that happened on Tuesday. Today, I finally put the Intel MacBook Pro out to pasture with a factory reset by restarting the machine and holding down the ‘command’ and ‘R’ keys together to put the machine in recovery mode. From there I used Disk Utility to erase the disk and put the machine in a factory reset state.

At the Apple store, I was able to get $226 for my 2016 MacBook. Not bad for a 7 years and 8 months old machine. I will not miss you TouchBar, you should have never been.

Oh, and seeing MagSafe again brings back memories of the 13-inch mid-2009 MacBook Pro, my first Mac 🥹.

What comes in the box.
Left-side ports.
Right-side ports.
Side-by-side…with Linux in the background 😀